‘Knife crime is not just an issue in London’: The faces of the innocent lives lost as a result of knife crime in Cambridgeshire

These are the faces of five men who lost their lives as a result of knife crime in Cambridgeshire. P

These are the faces of five men who lost their lives as a result of knife crime in Cambridgeshire. Picture: Supplied/Cambs Cops - Credit: Supplied/Cambs Cops

Five images of Cambridgeshire victims of knife crime have been published by police as a stark reminder of what is happening locally.

The images show five faces of men killed as a result of knife crime.

"These men all lost their lives because their attacker made the decision to pick up a knife," said a Cambs police spokesman.

"It is a stark reminder that knife crime is not just an issue in London. Chris, James, Peter, Sam and Filip had friends, family, lives, loved ones and futures.

"They are not just a statistic; they are the county's most recent victims of a national problem.

"We need your help to stop more people becoming victims, to prevent more families being torn apart and lives ruined."

The spokesman said: "Knife crime is increasing across the country. While the number of offences in Cambridgeshire remains below the national average, each victim is one too many.

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"If you know someone who carries a knife please encourage them to put it in our knife surrender bins this week, based at Parkside (Cambridge) and Thorpe Wood (Peterborough) police stations.

"They can do so without fear of being prosecuted."

In Cambridgeshire it was reported that possession of knife offences rose by 10 per cent in 2018 to 2019.

"They are not just a statistic," said the spokesman.

One of the victim's close family friends and former babysitter commented and called out the judicial system, claiming it had "gone soft".

The friend said: "Sadly I knew one of these victims and babysat him as a cheeky, happy, young boy who was surrounded by a loving family.

"If you leave the house with a knife or any kind of weapon, the intent is there to use it! I've always said if you take a life, you should serve life end of!

"Prison doesn't scare offenders anymore...they have TV's, games consoles, can learn a trade etc.

"Why should they have those privileges when they've committed such crimes? The judicial system has gone soft!"

It was revealed that there were 263 'possession of knife' offences in Cambridgeshire in August 2017 to 2018, compared to 289 in August 2018 to 2019.

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