Michael Eke's forged nomination letters

COPIES of two of the letters allegedly sent by prominent March townsfolk to the Cabinet office supporting Michael Eke s MBE have been seen by the Cambs Times. The letters, both forgeries, purport to be from prominent citizens. One was sent in March, 2002,

COPIES of two of the letters allegedly sent by prominent March townsfolk to the Cabinet office supporting Michael Eke's MBE have been seen by the Cambs Times.

The letters, both forgeries, purport to be from prominent citizens. One was sent in March, 2002, the other in June, 2002.

The Rt Hon R Warby, Fenland Area Committee representative, told the Cabinet office he had known Michael Eke for 18 years "in my capacity of town council and district council appointments and I feel that a national award is by far the most rewarding gesture this country and community can give to this man".

Mr Warby noted that Mr Eke had organised events including "bringing in over 800 musicians into the town" and staging an event "the only comparison I can make is that to the Royal Tournament".

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The Rt Hon Phillip Gibson, a local businessman and former town councillor, added that Eke had become "an icon of this town". He had organised, claimed Mr Gibson, a three-hour outdoor music festival attended by 14,000 people.

"What a feat and a tremendous achievement for one volunteer to do," wrote Mr Gibson.

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Rt Hon Philip Gibson

Great Mews Causeway



18th March 2002

Nominations Unit

Ceremonial Secretariat

Ashley House

2 Monck Street


Dear Sir/Madam

Ref to Nomination for National Award for Mr Michael Eke

1. I was duly informed last week that a nomination has been sent to your office in respect of the work of a Mr Michael Eke from March, cambs. And I would like to send this supporting leter towards this nomination, as I have known this individual and his work in the community for a number of years. Having worked alongside Michaek I feel that I should add my contribution to this individual.

2. I have worked with Michael on a number of Charitable projects that he has organised and must say his determination as a local sitizen is to be congratulated upon, over the years he has suppported his community, Michael has raised thousands of pounds to local causes, ranging from the Local Church, local disabled groups, youth groups, national charities including the NSPCC and the RNIB and many other local causes.

3. What makes Michael special is the way his enthusiasm is strewn all across the Town and region of the Fens, he has become an Icon of the Town and is very well respected by locals people, his imangination of events, and the development of t hem into reality is at times unbelievable, for instance last Year he organised a Musical outdoor festival cumulating in over 600 talented musicians and drama people and put on a three hour show, which promoted arts, the young and old and gave a show which can only be recognised with the Royal Tournament or Top London show, over 14,000 people attended this event alone and much needed money was once again generated for local charities. This event in particular was Michael brain child, he managed the team of volunteers and produced all the relevant advertising, made and produced the programme and co-ordinated a very slick and scheduled booking procedure, the event was the biggest thing ever to hit this area alone! What a feat and a tremendous achievement for one volunteer to do.

4. Michael profile int he local press in in high regard and there isn't a week goies past that he hasn't arrange something for another person.

5. The young people soo Michael also has an icon for their future, following his thought sand ideas and this alone has given the Youngsters a high regard in the community especially in this day an age when young people do so often get a bad press.

6. If Michael didn't have this flair for orgainsation and planning events or didn't install his enthusiasm in his volunteers, then we wouldn't be able to enjoy the sights and sounds of events he organises, nor would charities receive so much financial support! The community in which Michael serves owes so much debt to this individual, this national nomination is one way that we cand and should show recognition to an ordinary citizen of the Town who always serves others without a thought to himself.

7. I whole heartily endorse this recommendation and hope you will be able to add this letter of support to the nomination form

My Thanks

Yours Sincerely.

Rt. Hon. Phillip Gibson.

Local Businessman/Ex Town council

And here is the second letter..........

From - Rt Hon R. Warby.

Fenland Area Committee

P.O. Box 359


14th June 2002

The Nominations Unit

Ceremonial Secretatiat

Cabinet Office

Ashley House

2 Monck Street,


Dear Sir,

Re: Mr Michael John Eke of 17 Plover Drive March Cambridgeshire. PE15 9HY.

I have been duly informed through supporting people that a nomination has been sent into your Cabinet Office towards a national award for the named above from this community and I wish to add my supporting letter to his nomination.

I have know Mr Michael Eke and have first hand knowledge for over 18 years, in my capacity of Town Council and District Council appointments and I feel that a National Award is by far the most rewarding gesture this Country and community can give to this man. Mr Eke has under taken many voluntary duties all of which has been unselfish towards him as an individual but all to the benefit to our Community and region are exemplary and feel the honour system be used to recognise this fine individual for his achievements in community work over the years.

Me Ekes main area in our Community has been the implementation of arts and youth events over many years now, organised by himself and I wish to stress the amount of voluntary work and commitment he puts in to each event and activity, this culminates in a remarkable occasion which can only be judged against events in cities across the United Kingdom. In addition to his Community work Michael is in command of the local Youth group, the Air Training Corps, int his role he is an ambassador of youth, promoting their cause and supporting their local needs but I write to you relating to his extra community duty that he seems to promote as an individual.

Michael has brought so much into the Community including many arts and music events, I have witnessed all of these which include events bringing in over 800 musicians into the Town and bringing a most professional performance for the people, the only comparison I can make is that to the Royal Tournament, this man has given his time to deliver these events which always seems to raise large substantial amounts of money for local and national charities. Theseevents include the promotion of arts in general and Michael takes the lead director's role and allocates tasks and duties to his supporting team of people.

Last Year saw his best arts event ever when over 2,000 people assembled on our small market Town to attend this terrrific event including musicians the Queens Colour Squadron, fly pasts and youth bands all planned by Michael; the result ended with a profit-making sum of over £24,000 for charities. What a tremendous achievement for an individual who brings the conception of the event to reality which in turn regenerates this Community by "putting us on the map" and bringing tourism to this small market Town, all this through one fine individual.

Ten years ago Michael started to arrange indoor concerts for the Town having to arrange for professional bands to visit the Town and perform for once again charity evenings, during the Ten years that has passed not only has every concert and performance been sell outs but he also arranges regional tours with the bands and orchestras, thus once again promoting the arts and music and also in turn raising valuable charitable money, the work loads to these concerts are immense and I know from knowledge that Michael produces, markets and advertised all the events from his very own home without claiming for any expenses incurred.

Two years ago our Town carnival was doomed to be cancelled and no more street parties and Summer celebrations were to be held, once more Michael stepped into the breech and took over the planning and organising of what is now the biggest Town festival in the region and compares to Notting Hill, his enthusiasm in making it happen is very infectious in the community and without this individual member of the Community it wouldn't bring the social diversity that we can now enjoy.

Having just completed over four days of Golden Jubilee Celebrations once again Michael took the lead and organised such events as a musical concert once agian to a packed audience, a Town Gala and Carnival day bringing thousands into the area, a cermonial Parade and Inspection, a Street Pary where over 976 families attended and a finale comprising of a Last Night of the Proms theme with an orchestra and singers including a beacon lighting and fireworks extravaganza, all this coordinated and arranged by Michael, the finale seeing over 6,500 people attending, the sheer determination amd marketing skills of this man made the events popular and arranged with faultless organisation.

In conclusion, Mr Michael Eke has in my view excelled himself in every community field there is, where as many people would not even consider volunteering for many thins, this quite extraordinary man has over a long history supported the Town, promoted the arts within Fenland and continues this role in a selfless and charitable way, how one man can produce himself within the Community as Michael has done needs recognition and as a leading area citizen I pledge my sincere support and all those on our board towards this National Honour in view of his exceptional community achievement and serice to everyone. A well-respected fine individual, please support us by supporting this man.

Yours Sincerely

The Rt. Hon R. Warby.

Fenland Area Committee Representative.

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