Modern buildings are also worthy of preservation - and we are about to lose one such building in Wisbech

The Isaac Collett & Sons factory, off Churchill Road.

The Isaac Collett & Sons factory, off Churchill Road. - Credit: Archant

In the recent past there has been a real push to preserve and refurbish significant buildings in Wisbech.

Scaffolding around many buildings is evidence of work in progress.

It is very welcome to see revived interest in preserving notable old buildings bringing many of them into new usefulness.

It is sad to note the lack of interest in more modern buildings worthy of protection.

The best designed and most beautiful commercial building built in Wisbech in the last several decades is about to be demolished and lost to our street scene.

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The warehouse built by Isaac Collett & Sons, which backs on to Churchill Road opposite the Empire, is the most outstanding building along this section of the busiest route through town.

The quality of the brickwork reflects the company’s roots as brickmakers with their own brickworks in Broadend Road.

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When I tried to get the building listed, the conservation officer said he considered the building too modern to be listed.

Why is it that everyone sees old as beautiful and modern as not? This is another quality building lost forever.

Modern buildings listed include Impington Village College, The Barbican, Kingsgate Bridge Durham, Coventry Cathedral and Willis Faber and Dumas Headquarters in Ipswich.

Why not preserve the best modern building in Wisbech?


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