Mods and rockers rally for stroke victims

A SCOOTER club organised a mass “ride out” for their annual fundraising drive as 700 mods and rockers on scooters and motorbikes rallied from Wisbech to Hunstanton.

Wisbech’s Full Circle Scooter Club, with help from Norfolk Constabulary, organised the rally in aid of Wisbech Stroke Club.

After the rally, Ruth and Paul Whitehurst, long time members of the scooter club, presented the charity with a cheque for �344.32.

For Mr Whitehurst, it was a cause close to his heart, as Ruth explained: “Paul suffered a stroke in September 2011 and it was that life-changing event that made us decide to donate the funds to a local stroke club this year.”

If you would like to see what it looks like when 700 mods and rockers descend upon the green in Hunstanton you can watch them online at YouTube by searching for: “Mods and Rockers Hunstanton 2012”.

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