More people paying their council tax on time as Fenland District Council figures reveal recovery action is down

Fenland Hall.

Fenland Hall. - Credit: Archant

A total of £27.7million has been collected in council tax by Fenland District Council so far this year.

Recovery action is down compared to last year - FDC have sent 12,841 reminders for arrears for £1.52million compared to 13,530 at the same point last year worth £1.63million.

The council has also issued 3,293 summonses this year for debts totalling £1.05million, compared to 4,049 summonses sent up to the same point last year for £2.3million.

The council report said: “The reduction in recovery action shows that residents are prioritising payment of council tax and is allowing us to target those who won’t pay their council tax.

“At the same time we are helping those having difficulties paying by spreading payments and offering weekly payment facilities.”