More people will use Fenland Council’s mobile gym if it was free to use

IT has recently come to my attention that Fenland District Council has been operating a ‘mobile’ get-fit station around Fenland, which I came across for the first time in Ramsey Forty Foot last Friday.

On both occasions, when passing it on the way into Ramsey and back, I noticed that the team, all dressed in colourful outfits, was standing around talking without one resident to be seen on the equipment in the back of a transformed lorry.

My initial thought was the concept is a very good one. Any way in which the council can promote the community to participate in exercise, for free I assume, is a good thing.

My second thought was that this facility was obviously not being used, possibly as a result of poor advertising on the council’s part, or perhaps the fact that people do not want to be ‘forced’ into exercise when the ‘mobile gym station’ will next be in their area.

Having searched the internet regarding this I found that you have already reported on the subject and can see that I am not the only person thinking there is something wrong with idea.

I was shocked to read this ‘mobile gym’ charges �6.75 per session. Ouch!

Maybe this is something FDC needs to readdress.

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