More police on the streets will target offending cyclists and motorists, says Cambridgeshire Police Commissioner Sir Graham Bright

CYCLISTS who fail to use lights and motorists who use mobile phones at the wheel are among the road users being targeted by police, Cambridgeshire’s new police and crime commissioner Sir Graham Bright warned this week.

“Everyone has got to observe the law as far as the roads is concerned,” Sir Graham told BBC Radio Cambridgeshire listeners, as he discussed a crackdown on anti-social cycling in Cambridge.

“If people don’t obey the law, then obviously something has to be done about it,” he explained to presenter Ronnie Barbour. Sir Graham said he was “delighted” that Cambridgeshire police launched Operation Pedalo, which included plain clothes officers clamping down on cycle crime in Cambridge.

When asked if the cycle campaign was taking officers away from the investigation of burglaries and other crime, Sir Graham said: “You are only talking about four or five policemen in Cambridge city doing this, compared with the hundreds of policemen we have got, who are looking after all other areas of crime. But this is a question of safety, and its a question of observing the law.

“We want to get more police on the street, and they will be dealing with everything, whether it be a cyclist, whether it be car parking on the pavement. They will be looking for anyone creating a misdemeanour in any way at all.

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You should have lights on your bicycle to protect yourself. Obviously cyclists without lights can cause a car to swerve. They could be hit by a car so I am concerned about the cyclists.”

Sir Graham added: ”We’re looking at not just cycles, but anyone who fails to observe the law. The law is the law. I agree there are motorists that need pulling in as well, particularly those that use mobile phones, and even text from mobile phones when they are driving.”

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Police said the aim of Operation Pedalo was to reduce road deaths and casualties amongst cyclists, reduce cycle crime and anti-social cycling in Cambridge.

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