More tributes to Fenland councillor and former Wisbech Standard editor Roger Green

MORE tributes to Fenland councillor and former Wisbech Standard editor Roger Green, who was killed in a crash last week. His funeral takes place at St Peter’s Church, Wisbech, on Tuesday at 1.15pm.

ON occasions I met Roger Green in Etcetera in Wisbech and sipped a cup of tea in his company.

We always had a little dig at each other, he maintaining that Wisbech is the Capital of the Fens.

I remonstrated contrary-wise, declaring that March is the capital because it is officially recognised as the County Town and home to Fenland Hall where lots of Wisbech business comes under scrutiny!

We aired our views in the nicest possible manner and departed our separate ways with a giggle.

I knew Roger’s father, Walter Green, in the days when the Wisbech Standard was produced at the Sharman office at March. He built it into a first-rate provincial newspaper and Roger maintained the tradition.


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St Peter’s Road


ROGER hired me as a trainee reporter in 1987, with Brian Asplin as deputy and Chris Lakey as news editor.

By the late 80s, Roger had allowed Brian to front the shop, although he was very much in control: his local network was terrific and it was impossible to get any rubbish past him.

It meant that I learned, from the off, that my stories needed to be properly researched, to ensure both accuracy and credibility.




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I WORKED for the Wisbech Standard in 1991 and 1992 and thanks to Roger and his team went on to a successful career in broadcast journalism, winning awards for my work at ITV.

Roger helped to instill standards of reporting that these days appear to be all to rare. He will be greatly missed.


Founder & Director

Museum of British Surfing

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ROGER will be greatly missed by many and certainly remembered by many of us at Wisbech Cricket and Hockey Club.

We enjoyed many a beer with Roger in the Rose and Crown.

He was a true Wisbech man. The town is poorer for his passing.


Club president

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I WAS a good friend of his step-daughter Samantha and went on many a holiday with them.

Roger was such a lovely man and my thoughts are with his family.


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