Moss gets a new job - promoting the casino industry- 17 months after retiring as NE Cambs MP

FORMER NE Cambs MP Malcolm Moss has a new job in helping to make casinos more acceptable.

Mr Moss, who retired at the last election after a 20 year Parliamentary career, has emerged as chairman of the National Casino Industry Forum.

One of his first tasks this week has been to appear before the Culture Select Committee in Parliament to argue the case for “modest reforms”.

The forum is the major trade body for the land based casino industry and represents 160 of the 186 UK licences.

However the industry says relaxation of the rule governing these casinos could, the forum argues, generate an extra 11,000 full time jobs and produce an extra �80 million in tax revenues.

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“We do not want a free-for-all and we are not asking for an increase in the number of casinos allowed under the current law,” Mr Moss said.

“However, it is crazy to cluster 186 casinos into just 53 areas. It would be far more sensible to allow them to move to other areas.

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“Casinos are recognised as the safest environment in which to enjoy gambling as a mainstream leisure activity. That should be reflected in the law.”

Michael Silberling, outgoing chairman said “Last year there were more than 18 million visits to British casinos, which is a constituency that deserves to be heard in government. We believe Malcolm can help us achieve that.

Mr Moss said: “The British casino industry has become a model of a well regulated and socially responsible industry. The industry wants to deliver jobs, investment and innovation to the leisure sector.

“I hope my experience of government can help NCiF gain the political traction to allow it to do so.”

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