Mother had to move out of March home after being left without toilet, sink and shower

Susan Perry'’s bathroom at the point Bathco were dismissed.

Susan Perry'’s bathroom at the point Bathco were dismissed. - Credit: Archant

A partially disabled mother was forced to move out of her home for six weeks because of a dispute over a bathroom adaptation.

Susan Perry’s bathroom March, at the point Bathco were dismissed.

Susan Perry’s bathroom March, at the point Bathco were dismissed. - Credit: Archant

Susan Perry, of Collingwood Avenue, March, who is nearly 70 and struggles with her mobility after various cancer operations, hired Bathco to adapt her bathroom in February.

Her sister, a regular visitor, has had two hip replacements and suffers from a chronic spinal condition.

Steve Perry, Mrs Perry’s son, says what was meant to be a straight-forward week-long task overran to such an extent that, at the beginning of the third week, they cancelled the job.

In response, Mr Perry claims Bathco dismantled an already installed toilet and washbasin, leaving Mrs Perry’s house “inhabitable”. A new company, Barclay Plumbing and Heating, was hired to carry out the adaptation.

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Mr Perry said: “A deposit of £750 was paid and Bathco started work on February 23 but did not provide the workers with correct information to such an extent that my mother was forced to visit daily from staying at the Oliver Cromwell Hotel to correct the errors.

“The intention was two nights at the Cromwell. Instead it became 10 nights and nearly £1000 spent.

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“Bathco were going to overrun by a week or more. My mother and her sister decided to dismiss Bathco as a result on March 6.

“At 8.45 am on March 7 the builder arrived unannounced. He was given permission by myself and my mother to take only his tools.

“Instead without my knowledge he entered Susan Perry’s bedroom to remove bathroom items in there.

“He also dismantled and removed the already installed toilet and washbasin without my knowledge. The home was then unfit for habitation.

“My mother was forced to reside in Kent with her sister until the matter was resolved.”

Bathco were contacted for a comment.

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