Motocross rider airlifted to hospital after crash

A MOTOCROSS rider was airlifted to hospital after an accident on track.

The 33-year-old was whizzing around the circuit at Washbrook Farm Motocross when he came a cropper and fell off the vehicle at speed.

Marshals and medical staff employed at the facility in Benwick Road, Doddington attended to the casualty before the Anglia One helicopter was called to provide urgent care.

He was said to be in “significant pain” as a clinical team of paramedics treated him for a back injury before taking him to Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge.

But James Welcher, who runs Washbrook Farm, said: “He will make a full recovery, no doubt about it.”

Track managers are in regular contact with the casualty’s family as he continues to recover. According to staff, the man has used the facility before.

James’ father John, who also helps run the business, said the accident was “unfortunate” but that all motorsport carries serious risks.

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He added that the track is fully marshalled with 10 medical staff on duty during race events and that “safety is the main concern”.

He added: “For me, we’ve had a good day if everybody goes home safe.

“Like any motorsport, there is a huge element of danger. We do out best to make it as safe as possible.”

Washbrook Farm also adheres to strict regulations set by the Auto-Cycle Union.

It is not yet known how the crash happened but John said: “He was riding on the motocross and got it wrong. Unfortunately he hurt himself. It could have been anything.”

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