Motocross track owners appeal Mepal planning refusal- grounds to be made public before Christmas

Mepal MX Track. Martin Wright from F15MX with one of the riders ready to go on track.

Mepal MX Track. Martin Wright from F15MX with one of the riders ready to go on track. - Credit: Archant

Motocross track owners are appealing a decision by Fenland District Council to stop them using a piece of land for more than 28 days a year.

Mepal MX Track. Martin Wright from F15MX.

Mepal MX Track. Martin Wright from F15MX. - Credit: Archant

Track owner Martin Wright said he plans to make the grounds of his appeal public within the next week.

He said: “We will appeal Fenland’s decision to refuse the application on noise grounds only.

“We are happy that the council agree that the application meets the National Planning Policy Framework on all other points and that the Fenland officer removed ecology reason for refusal.

“We have been advised by a leading noise consultant, who has looked at the councils independent report, who agrees the use would not have a significant adverse effect on local amenity.

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“A computer model FDC rely on has been proven to be wrong when tested against other operating Motorsport venues.”

Fenland planners refused permission during a meeting on Wednesday (10) saying it would cause too much “noise disturbance” on a piece of land that should be set aside for nature conservation.

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Track owners F-15MX have temporary permission to run motocross 28 days a year but applied to make the business a permanent fixture by running the track for up to 48 days at weekends and also every Wednesday from October to March.

Mr Wright also wanted to update the site with facilities like toilets, marshalling boxes, site cabin and storage containers.

A report prepared for the planning committee at FDC, said: “It is considered that the increased use of the site and its associated activity from its current operation of 28 days per year for motocross meetings to a substantially more intensive use for the same, would cumulatively result in an unacceptable level of disturbance to the detriment of the amenities of local residents.”

There was not enough detail given to show the track would not affect nature within the country wildlife site, the report added.

MP Stephen Barclay, who has joined local residents to oppose the scheme, said motocross was an important and valued sport but in the right location.

He said residents had been promised that once extraction was completed the land would be restored for leisure use.

“Residents who feared noise blight every weekend throughout the summer, will I’m sure, be relived that the promise given to them to restore Mepal pits will now be honoured,” he said.

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