Police alert fire service to motor home engulfed in flames

Motor home burnt out in Cambridgeshire - no one injured

Motor home burnt out in Cambridgeshire - no one injured - Credit: Cambs Police

A motor home has been destroyed by fire on a Cambridgeshire road.  

Police returning from a training exercise called Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue after coming across the blazing vehicle.  

“Our RCAT officers were busy completing their drone training exercise in Alconbury on Tuesday when they picked up signs of smoke on their camera,” said a police spokesperson. 

 "When they arrived, they were shocked to find this motorhome / minibus completely engulfed in flames.” 

The spokesperson said nobody was injured in the blaze. 

“All too aware of the nearby crop field, which would make perfect kindling, the officers quickly alerted colleagues at Cambridgeshire Fire & Rescue Service and used what3words to guide firefighters to the exact spot of the blaze,” said the spokesperson.  

“Thankfully, the crops were saved and nobody was hurt.”