Motorist in crash which killed two pedestrians in March had NOT been drinking say police

A MOTORIST involved in a fatal collision in March in which two pedestrians died had NOT been drinking, Cambridgeshire Police has confirmed.

A police spokesman confirmed today the driver was not under arrest “but he’s helping us as any person involved in a fatal collision would.”

Any suggestion of the motorist being charged was irrelevant “as he’s not been arrested.”

Asked if the driver had been drinking, the spokesman replied: “Everyone involved in a collision is tested for drink so no he was not under the influence.”

However a police probe into how the accident happened continues and evidence from the scene will have been collated. Wimblington Road, March, where the accident happened shortly before 3.30am on Sunday was closed for a while whilst road accident officers conducted their investigation.

Dom Iliffe, 24, of Chatteris and his sister’s boyfriend, James Kiely, 27, were killed as they walked home from March.

The vehicle involved in the collision was a silver Vauxhall Astra.