MP Barclay applauds decision to reject 249 homes Showfields development and praises people of Whittlesey for campaign

MP Steve Barclay with Councillor Dee Laws.

MP Steve Barclay with Councillor Dee Laws. - Credit: Archant

The planning inspector’s decision to reject a proposal to build 249 homes near the Dog in a Doublet sluice in Whittlesey has been welcomed by an MP.

More than 600 people signed a petition launched by North East Cambs MP Steve Barclay against the Showfields development.

The planning inspector decided there were no good grounds for allowing the homes to be built on the site, which is part of the flood plain, and upheld Fenland Council’s decision to refuse the application in August.

Mr Barclay said: “I am delighted that the planning inspector has listened to local residents and councillors and that common sense has prevailed.

“It simply is not viable to build developments such as this on sites which have a known history of flooding.

“My thanks go to all of those who signed the petition and in particular to Councillors Dee Laws, Ken and Kay Mayor, Martin Curtis, and all those who helped win this campaign.

“This truly was a case of the local community coming together to shape the future of their town, including town, district and county councillors.”