Those responsible 'already taking actions' to prevent flooding: MP Steve Barclay

Fens flooding

Devastating flooding last winter showing some of the damage around Fenland. Now action is being promised and a floods report is due out next month. - Credit: Archant

Hundreds of gullies are being cleaned across Fenland following the floods of last winter.  

At the beginning of March, Cllr Jan French reported that 1,637 gullies had been cleaned. 

Now MP Steve Barclay has provided an update, pointing out that as of this week 2,324 gullies had been cleaned.  

The figures are important as it was one of the commitments made to residents after one of the worst winters in recent years for flooding.  

Mr Barclay said a formal flood investigation report into flooding that “ruined some residents’ Christmas” is due for publication by the county council next month.  

“But I’m pleased to see those organisations responsible are already taking actions to resolve some of the issues,” he said.  

“In recent months, the Highways Authority and Anglian Water have reset a number of road pumps and foul pumping stations”. 

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He said 2,324 gullies have been cleansed “and a private culvert cleared on Wisbech Road, March”. 

Land Registry searches have been undertaken to identify those responsible for blocked watercourses. 

The MP said the Anglian Water network has been surveyed as have riparian watercourses “to input into an integrated urban drainage model”.  

He said he remains determined “to keep up the pressure on those involved in water management.  

“There is still much to do but it’s good to see progress is continuing.”  

Cllr French assured residents that the county council is working with all of its partners to resolve the issue.  

She assured residents “it will get sorted.” 

Cllr French promised residents: “The county council is mapping all the dykes and ditches, working at the cause.” 

She said they were looking at who is responsible and who will pay for works to be carried out.  

“We will not stop until we get it resolved,” she said.  

Not all residents remain convinced progress is being made quick enough.  

One woman posted to a local Facebook group to challenge flooding issues that “I've had no update on the results of the recent drainage inspection, or planned works for our road.  

“Still no direct contact from Cambridgeshire County Council, only the odd generic email message sent out to inform me how little my family's struggles through the two floods into our home matters......shocking, disgraceful and quite frankly rude”.