MP may blame Labour government for Fenland’s turbines - but Tory-led council encouraged developments

I READ with interest the article on your website regarding Steve Barclay MP’s comments that “it’s Labour’s fault we have so many turbines in Fenland”.

Perhaps our MP should be made aware of the real reasons why we have so many wind turbines in Fenland.

It was Fenland District Council which encouraged the wind industry to come to Fenland back in 2002. No other local authority has “encouraged” such development to take place.

Fenland District Council had no local planning policies in place to control where such major structures could do the least landscape damage.

The local population was never consulted on this major policy change to the landscape.

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It was not until 2009 that the council finally got round to producing a policy document to give it better control over the growth of turbines.

That document, costing �24,000, states: “The drained Fens has capacity to accommodate all scales of wind turbine developments.”

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The wind turbine developers know this and the planning inspectors know this - that is why so many appeals get allowed.

The district council has shot itself in the foot.

Perhaps Mr Barclay is getting concerned now that he is about to live within a mile of the latest wind turbine development. Do I feel this is a case of “not in my back yard”?


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