MP says he can find 44 tickets to ride (from March to London). And they don’t care

RAIL travellers from March to London face a bewildering choice of 44 different fares with prices ranging from �8 to an astonishing �264.90.

The research was carried out by NE Cambs MP Steve Barclay who claimed the pricing policy is hitting his constituents hard.

“Rail users are being left out of pocket due to the complexity of the ticketing scheme used,” he said.

“Research I have done recently in conjunction with Passenger Focus has revealed that there are 44 different fares on the single route between March and London, with prices ranging from �8 to �264.90.

“This dizzying array of fares, each with their own acronym (for example FOS, SOR, SVR, CDR and 7DS to name just a few) are often misunderstood by consumers, many of whom end up buying more expensive options than required.”

Mike Hewitson, Head of passenger issues at Passenger Focus admitted: “I must confess that I’m not too sure of the difference between them on first glance.”

Mr Barclay added: “From a passenger perspective it’s a good thing to have a choice between a faster but more expensive service and a slower but cheaper service. “However, if the system is so complex that this choice is not an effective one then the system is failing.

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“I am therefore calling on the rail companies to simplify their system, and where this is not possible to better explain the various options to ensure that rail users can access the best deals.”

He added: “I have been working hard to improve transport links in North East Cambridgeshire over the last year and continue to have regular meetings with Network Rail and the Train Operating Companies – and will raise this important consumer issue at the next available opportunity.”

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