MP Steve Barclay calls on parliament to get tough on illegal foreign vehicles

Steve Barclay with his Road Safety Parliamentarian of the Year Award.

Steve Barclay with his Road Safety Parliamentarian of the Year Award. - Credit: Archant

NORTH East Cambs MP Steve Barclay will be calling on parliament to toughen up on drivers of foreign vehicles that flout motoring legislation.

Mr Barclay has just discovered that the Department of Transport caught only four out of an estimated 15,000 drivers using Britain’s roads illegally last year – and none were prosecuted.

“This will have cost the taxpayer over £3 million a year in lost revenue and exposes drivers to increased risks from unsafe and untested vehicles,” said Mr Barclay, who was recently declared Road Safety Parliamentarian of the Year.

Foreign registered vehicles can be brought into the country temporarily and used for up to six months. However, once this period expires drivers need to pay a registration fee, road tax and if their vehicle is more than three years old, get an MOT.

On his website, Mr Barclay says that while independent figures suggest that around 15,000 vehicles are flouting the rules, the DVLA does not know the precise number of foreign vehicles in the UK.

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Mr Barclay added: “It can’t be right that there is not a robust system in place to ensure that foreign vehicles pay the correct level of taxation whereas ordinary motorists are often subject to very robust enforcement.

“There is also a safety issue. MOTs on older cars ensure that they are roadworthy, but many countries, for example those in Eastern Europe, have less rigorous standards. If cars from these countries are to be used long term on Britain’s roads, they should adhere to the same standards in order to protect their drivers and other road users.

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There needs to be tougher action on illegal foreign vehicles. It is clear the current system is failing and I will be calling for change in Parliament.”

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