MP Steve Barclay goes against Government in vote and instead backs pub landlords

MP Steve Barclay at the Wisbech Beer Festival.

MP Steve Barclay at the Wisbech Beer Festival. - Credit: Archant

AN MP has voted against his own Government to ensure a fairer deal for pub landlords.

MP Steve Barclay backed the The Fair Deal for Your Local campaign, which defeated Government 284 votes to 269 in the House of Commons yesterday.

The campaign pushed for the ‘market-rent only option’, which allows tenants of pub companies the right, at rent review or renewal, to ask for an independent assessment of their rent.

As a result, landlords and their customers will be less likely to suffer rip-off beer prices and excessive rents from large Pub Companies (Pubcos), Mr Barclay said.

Mr Barclay said: “I voted against the Government to ensure pub landlords across North East Cambridgeshire have the freedom to shop around for the best deal, rather than being tied to a contract with a Pub Company that forces them to pay higher prices.

“They are usually forced to buy through their Pubco where the price charged is up to 70 per cent more than the brewery price to other customers.

“I have seen within North East Cambridegshire landlords and their families suffer great stress and financial pressure due to the high charges imposed by Pubcos.

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“This change offers improvement for landlords and their families from the abusive pricing imposed by Pubcos.

“As a Conservative I believe in giving people greater freedom and in opening markets up to competition to drive prices down, and today’s vote does that for landlords.

“It is disappointing that I had to rebel to do so, but I believe this is in the best interest of both landlords and customers across North East Cambridgeshire.”