MP Steve Barclay should oppose “disgraceful” pay rise, reader says

David Cameron’s support for the Independent Parliamentary Standard’s Authority (Ipsa) to determine what MPs are paid stands in stark contrast to his previous position.

Mr Cameron now accepts the Ipsa decision that MPs’ pay shall increase by £130 a week, a 10 per cent pay rise.

It could be argued that a wage increase is not unworthy, given MPs’ responsibilities for scrutinising the executive.

However, there is one major complicating factor – namely that most MPs support the holding down of public sector pay, and the freezing of in-work and out-of-work benefits.

At the same time, £130 is more than some people in Fenland have to live on for a whole week.

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Our MP Stephen Barclay should therefore come out in opposition to this disgraceful pay rise.


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