Mrs Gillick’s view are like “National Front pamphlets in the 1970s”

I am now retired and have lived in Wisbech for over a decade. In what sometimes feels like a lifetime ago I spent a lot of my time travelling and working abroad.

I met hundreds of people from across the world, worked a dozen different jobs, and never was I made to feel anything other than welcome.

As a young person, I probably behaved inappropriately and hope no one ever held all of Britain responsible for my misdemeanors.

My stomach churned when I read some of the comments by Mrs Gillick. Reminiscent of the stuff you might have read in National Front pamphlets in the 1970s.

The language is emotive and provocative in the extreme, it is used to divide and cause fear within the community creating a sense of mistrust in a divided town.

Mrs Gillick claims that the arrival of Europeans in Wisbech has been ignored neglected and vilified.

Yes it seems to me the town has missed out on funding but that is despite not because of immigration.

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My question would be what the election of UKIP county councillors have secured for the town after two years - they have delivered nothing except some pretty dismal headlines for the town.

It is right that poor employers have been breaking the law by under-cutting the minimum wage. This situation has been made worse by the prosperity of criminal interests in provision and control of labour.

The authorities should have acted much sooner in the interests of all working people but the people benefiting are not those working for poor wages and living in sometimes shocking accommodation.

A bit more anger towards the slum landlords, the criminal gangs, the profiteering companies not the poor bloody people being taken advantage of.

Judge people by their deed not by their kin or culture. I love this town, met some great people and made some good friendships.

In my life I have never been offended by someone’s nationality, but can take an instant dislike to what someone says or writes.


Elizabeth Terrace, Wisbech

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