Mum and daughter’s horror at A47 crash

A TERRIFIED mum and her four-year-old daughter watched in horror as a car towing a caravan plunged into a river.

Sarah Mould was travelling with her daughter Sophie and mum Carol Stalker along the A47 when she says she had to swerve to avoid a collision on the South Brink.

Shaken, they got out their car in an attempt to help the victims - only for a police car to crash into their family vehicle.

Officers later dived into the river to lead the passengers to safety after they were stranded on the roof of the caravan crying for help.

Ms Mould said: “Me and my daughter are so badly shaken up by what’s happened. I can’t sleep. Every time I shut my eyes I just see the caravan.

“When we go out in the car, my daughter says: ‘Are we going to crash again?’”

Ms Mould strapped Sophie into the back seat on the morning of Tuesday, July 20 for a trip to Dunelm Mill in Wisbech.

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But at 9.46am she was forced to take avoiding action as a vehicle coming the other way went into the water.

The occupants clambered out and managed to get onto the roof but had to wait for assistance to get to dry land.

Mrs Mould, of Peyton Avenue, March, parked her orange Peugeot 106 on the side of the road after the incident thinking she had got away damage-free.

But a police spokesman said one of the force’s vehicles was moving to allow an ambulance to get closer when it clipped another car.

The car has now been fixed but Ms Mould said: “It has ruined our holidays.”

He added that no other vehicles was involved in the caravan accident and that disruption to traffic was minor. The road did not need to be closed.

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