Mum claims restaurant discriminated against her autistic sons

A SINGLE mum has slammed a restaurant in Whittlesey claiming they discriminated against her autistic sons by refusing to serve them.

Kera Mason said she was left shocked and embarrassed when she returned to the Causeway Diner and was turned away by a member of staff who apparently stated they had caused disruption on their previous visit.

The mother of three boys, two of whom have autistic spectrum disorders, believes her children’s behaviour hadn’t warranted such severe treatment.

Miss Mason said: “My kids didn’t cause anyone any harm. Yes they were loud but aren’t most children in that sort of setting?

“I feel so discriminated against because of her (staff member’s) attitude. My boys have special needs so in a sense they do not behave like a normal child would.

“The episode was very embarrassing. The member of staff wasn’t being aggressive or angry but said that some people had complained about our previous visit and asked us to leave.”

Her sons Jaiden, five, and Zak, three, both have the condition that can cause difficulties with social interaction. The family enjoyed a meal on August 1 and returned, without Jaiden who was spending time with his respite worker, on August 4 when the alleged incident occurred.

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She said: “We like to get the boys out acting as normal as they can. We’ve been plenty of times and nothing has happened before.

“I just want to be able to take my boys out in public, have a meal and enjoy ourselves without people making it impossible for us to do so.”

Miss Mason insists there is a lack of understanding about the condition and hopes that eventually enough awareness may be raised to prevent similar situations happening again.

The mum of three said: “Autism is not a visible illness. I’d be pleased if people just asked before they judged because not all disabilities can be seen.”

The Causeway Diner refused to comment on two separate occasions siting the need to seek legal representation.

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