Mum pleads for park to be made safer

A MUM is pleading with Fenland District Council to make a park safer after her son broke his wrist falling from the equipment.

Caroline Parker of Collingwood Avenue, March, has already begun collecting signatures for a petition after many parents voiced similar concerns. Mrs Parker had only left Lewis, 6, with older brother Karl, 13, and friend Josh, 15, a few minutes before the accident at Smiths Drive Park on Sunday August 8.

She said: “I’d literally just got back to mine when he came running back.

“I was very shocked because Lewis’ face was a mess. I thought he’d broken his nose as there was blood everywhere. He was crying and in a lot of pain. We’re lucky because it could have been a lot worse. Someone might break their back.”

Many younger children have complained to Mrs Parker about the difficulties faced when attempting to use the slide. A rope ladder, accompanied by climbing pegs about three feet apart, is the only way to reach the entrance directly and it was while climbing this that Lewis fell.

Mrs Parker said: “The slide seems to be designed more for teenagers which makes it hard for the younger kids. It’s the way they have to get up to the slide that’s the problem. It’s very high and there needs to be steps rather than a rope. Kids are actually going the wrong-way up the slide to get to the top.”

The mum is now hoping the council act and make the much-used park a safer environment for the rest of the summer holidays.

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She said: “It’s the only place for kids to go without crossing town.

“Another little girl has also had an accident recently. We all want it to get sorted so the kids can play safely. I’m a bit angry but these things happen unfortunately. I just don’t want it to happen to anyone else.”

A council spokesman said: “This is the first time that we have been made aware of any concerns about this piece of equipment. Like everything we install in our play areas, it meets all the official British safety standards and is approved by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA).

“It is designed for use by children aged six and over and offers excellent opportunities for active play. It is meant to be challenging and that inevitably involves a small degree of risk. Unfortunately, with anything of that nature accidents do sometimes happen.

“Obviously, we’re very sorry that Lewis hurt himself and hope he recovers quickly.”

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