‘My mother writes poems. She is 91 and is Wisbech born and bred. Here’s one of her poems’

MURIEL Collins loves writing poetry - so much that her son shared the 91-year-old’s latest piece with us.

“My mother, Muriel Collins, lives in Somers Court and writes poetry,” said Patrick Collins. “She is 91 years old and Wisbech born and bred. Here’s one of her poems, This World.”

The world began a lonely place -

So wet, so cold, so dark, no haste,

God sent some animals there to roam -

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The birds and trees to make a home.

Though big and small they made their place -

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A lonely life, no human race.

To wander round they learnt to cope –

They never knew to care or hope.

Cold years went by, untouched by man

Animals settled; in trees birds sang.

One tries to imagine the world as thus –

God’s nature, beauty, without life’s fuss.

Beyond the sea and sailing round

Some form came on to solid ground,

Tired and hungry – a little worn –

Began to wonder why it was born.

Thus human man began his life,

And searched to find himself a wife.

The animals began to show their friends

All the bounty nature sends.

The man stood up and looked in space

And thus began the human race.

This lovely world’s so old and tired

It needs our help now to survive.

We’ve picked its pockets, robbed its soul,

God in His wisdom may play a role –

The day will come – who questions when,

Those animals will invade the world again.

Enjoy its freedom with peace to roam,

To live on earth and call it home.

With nature’s blessing so let it be –

The grains of sand return from sea.

One hopes a different kind of man

Returns to cherish his promised land.

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