My sister’s dogs were taken by the RSPCA - they were looked after by Rob who did an amazing job

My sister had two of her dogs, Alfie and Angel, staying with Rob Phipps for a short while at the centre whilst she looked for another property to move into.

On the last day of staying at her old house, my sister was desperate for somebody to take in her dogs otherwise there would be nowhere else suitable for them to go.

Rob took them in with just a few hours’ notice, collecting them late on a Sunday evening.

Since this, my sister and her partner regularly saw the dogs (perhaps every other day) to walk them and socialise with them. This was sometimes done along with the daily community dog walks and sometimes done without other dogs.

Alfie in particular was an extremely hyper and excitable (but nonetheless lovable) dog before arriving at Rob’s and we hoped that Rob would be able to calm him down as a dog behaviourist - which he did! Alfie is now more relaxed yet has still retained his loving nature.

I am away at University at the moment, but every time I went to the warehouse to visit Alfie and Angel they appeared very happy and content, as well as clean and well looked after. They got plenty of exercise, which they both enjoy.

Also, they were more sociable and friendly with others dogs, whereas before they would bark very loudly at any dog they came across.

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I did notice that both dogs had lost weight but put this down to a lot more walking for both of them and less treats than they used to get from my sister!

However, when the RSPCA seized all 34 dogs last Thursday, Alfie and Angel were seized as part of this operation. This was despite my sister telling the RSPCA that they were indeed her dogs and proving to them that they were, as they had her mobile number on their dog tags on their collars.

My sister is very distraught and the dogs must be too - another unnecessary move for them in their already chaotic histories (my sister had rescued these dogs from terrible conditions and moved a couple of times herself).

I have seen nothing but an overwhelming amount of support for Rob and the work that he has carried out in helping to rescue and care for these dogs that no-one else gave a chance to and I stand by Rob strongly.

The majority of these poor dogs would have been put to sleep if it wasn’t for Rob rescuing them from abusive and terrible situations and every dog I saw at the warehouse looked happy and healthy to me.

Rob has a genuine love and passion for the wellbeing of all dogs (and animals) and I know was completely devastated and heartbroken by the events.

He organised daily community walks for these dogs (even one on Christmas Day) and has gone without food himself to feed the dogs in the warehouse and pay for their vet bills.

As well as this, he has organised charity events (along with other people in the community) to raise money for this great cause.

I strongly believe that Rob should be reunited with the dogs that were seized as soon as possible.

Perhaps they should be in different accommodation, somewhere with day runs for the dogs to roam during the day (and still get daily walks) and just be crated at night.

However, it must be remembered that without Rob, some of these dogs wouldn’t be here today.

I also want to press the fact that I think the RSPCA was completely wrong to take my sister’s dogs. My sister and her dogs have a strong attachment and both parties must be emotionally torn (I know my sister is).


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