My son isn’t being given the chance to learn like other children due to autism and behaviour problems

MY son, who is nearly five years old, needs a teaching assistant in school due to autism and behaviour problems.

But the learning authority has offered 2.5 hours a week plus 15 hours the school provides so my son can only go to school from 9am-12.30pm every day when he should do 9am-3.15pm like all the other children.

I want him to learn like other children but he isn’t being given the chance unless I pay for the extra hours. But if the shoes were on the other foot and I wasn’t sending him to school I would have the school welfare on my back.

How is my son meant to fit into mainstream schooling when already he is being pushed out? It’s unfair. Even if the school goes on trips over 12.30pm I have to pay for a TA for the extra time.

Having a disability is really hard on the whole family, then you have to deal with being treated like this just for wanting my son to be in school.

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