My visit to Army Cadet Force building in March - where the kids are alright

THURSDAY evening at the Army Cadet Force building in March - what a bustling venue for the teenagers of the area.

I had the pleasure of a visit to the centre on March 25 to see the facilities and training that these teenagers take on.

The first sight was down to see the cadets practicing their shooting skills on the 2.2 range at the rear of the hall.

Two young cadets are in training for the annual shooting competition in Bisley, Surrey, which also is part of the Armed forces annual shooting competition. These two young cadets are in a position to do well, so keep up the hard work guys and good luck.

Next stop was the main hall where about 25 cadets were involved with a fitness competition which was both fun and hard work. Hats off to the trainers who really made sure that all took part and the training took onboard all skill levels of the cadets of all ages.

NAAFI break was called and the cadets broke off for a well deserved break of fizzy pop and chocolate (no different to my time in the forces), then back to the grind stone for more fitness but all with a team theme and encouraging all to participate.

Too many times people say that teenagers are negative and not outgoing nor helpful. Please take the chance to go and support these young people who were polite and really having a good time in each other’s company.

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In the words of the Cambs Times, these kids are alright.


Mayor of March

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