My wife won’t be returning to Wisbech to shop after receiving parking ticket

MY wife often shops in Wisbech. She enjoys being able to park with ease in the Horsefair car park.

But I am writing this little letter to the owners of all the shops she visits. She will not be coming back.

Why? Not anything the shops or their owners have done, it is because of the narrow minded people who manage the car park.

She received a �60 parking ticket from the over active attendants last week. She wasn’t the only one as there were several cars with similar tickets on their windscreens.

Please explain how charging people to patronise certain businesses is good for the businesses and the public at large?

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If I owned a shop the thing I would want more than anything else would be customers. I wouldn’t be very happy to find the people who I pay rent to were frightening my customers away.

Wisbech town centre is slowly going downhill, as most other towns in this country. It could be revitalised very easily. It only needs two words: FREE ACCESS.

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But it needs courage and vision for any council anywhere to try it.



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