Mystery of whereabouts of the Honours Board at Wisbech Grammar School

My great friend the late John Summerhayes, Head of Woodwork at the Boys Grammar School on the South Brink and then Head of Boy’s Craft at the merged mixed Grammar School at the former Girls High School site on the North Brink, told me that the Honours Board had been brought across the river when the Schools merged and stored in the loft space above the woodwork room at the Wisbech Grammar School.

I believe that the Grammar school has since invested in new facilities for teaching technology and I do not know if the old woodwork room is still in use for woodwork or some other purpose.

Anyone trying to follow this up can contact me and I will give them the names of four former Boys Grammar School teachers still living locally who transferred to the mixed school during the merger. I did not join the Grammar school staff until after the merger and left to join Isle College in 1979.

Contact me on 01945-461938 or 07446354501


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