Mystery school photos claimed by a Cambs Times reader

A SET of school photos found hidden in the back of a photo frame bought at a second had shop has been returned its rightful owner, thanks to this newspaper.

Susan Brittain was delighted to see the photos published in the Cambs Times - and she has already claimed the pictures of her children, nephews and nieces.

The pictures had belonged to Susan’s late mother, Annie Ward from Manea, who died earlier this year.

Susan explained: “When we cleared the house, the last couple of boxes of bric- a- brac went to the Acre Attic shop in March, I had no idea the pictures of my mother’s grandchildren were in the back of the empty frame.

“We thought we had kept all the photos, so it is lovely to have them back. The photos date back to the early 1990s, so it was quite a shock to see them in the paper.”

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Susan has already written a letter of thanks to Brenda Walker, who found the photos when she bought the frame earlier this month.

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