‘Naive and delusional’

Re: Our Party Needs Jeremy Corbyn - Postbag August 18 Wisbech Standard. Here’s an alternative point of view to Sue Dockett’s about Jeremy Corbyn.

People who vote for this guy and his acolytes are naïve and delusional. There is no new kind of and kinder politics. It’s the hard left.

I worked at a school where the hard left were the dominant grouping amongst the teaching staff. They frightened and bullied other teachers into voting their way during union meetings.

Dogma was always put before the children. If it didn’t fit the narrative- you’ll hear a lot about narrative from these people, listen out for it - then it wasn’t to be done even if it meant children losing out. It will be the same in government.

There will be commissions, quangos, working parties, researchers, leaders and deputies of everything all on very good pay. Nothing will get done!

You see they believe that once they have power the right people are in charge and thus all problems are solved. I can’t help but think of Orwell’s Animal Farm – the Corbynites are the pigs and they will not tolerate dissent but they will tolerate using naïve people.

Are you a Boxer type (one of the well intentioned naïve) or are you a Napoleon type (shrewd, calculating and dominated by self-interest)?

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I was going to join the local Labour Party so I could enjoy myself arguing with the hard left who I presume will be trying to take over the branch and reshaping it in their image.

But I understand Momentum (the major group backing Corbyn) have changed their policy on non-violence. Now where necessary they will use force which of course means attacking physically any person perceived to be the enemy. I don’t fancy that.


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