Nameplates should stay in March Museum

I read this piece many times and still could not believe it. How  could a mere railway enthusiast, after many years of trying, walk away with something given to March Museum for the benefit of all?

Don’t these nameplates belong together in the town? Ben’s widow sold his George Cross but a kind benefactor bought it and donated it to the museum where it is part of the story of these two local heroes.

Why would it go to Billericay? Was money involved? I think it right to ask the question. What is a museum for?

Is it a place to go and browse and see if anything takes your fancy? I think I am not the only one to be shocked to see pictures of this exchange.

It is not cigarette cards we are talking about here. It is an important part of our shared history. I should like to read one day that these plates are together in March Museum as Ben and Jimmy were together on that fateful day.

Who will bother donating anything to museums if they think that a few years down the line somebody will come along and do a deal for it. Is the George Cross safe from medal enthusiasts? I think we need to know. 


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