First year student maths lessons swap to PE for six weeks at Neale Wade Academy in March

Executive principal Jason Wing (right) at Neale Wade Academy, March where Year 7 students will miss

Executive principal Jason Wing (right) at Neale Wade Academy, March where Year 7 students will miss one maths lesson a fortnight for six weeks - Credit: Archant

Students in their first year at Neale Wade Academy will lose one maths lesson a fortnight to free up teacher time instead to students approaching their GCSEs.

Letters have been sent home to parents of Year 7 pupils to say a lesson per fortnight will be replaced with PE temporarily.

Jason Wing, executive principal of Neale-Wade Academy, said: “We are continually improving our standards in maths, which is why students in Years 7 typically complete nine maths lessons every fortnight.

“This is higher than most other schools across the country where students usually receive seven maths lessons every fortnight.

“Over the next six-weeks we are providing additional maths lessons for our Year 11 students as they enter their last term before their GCSE exams.

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“To do this, we have replaced one maths lesson for our Year 7 students with a PE lesson.

“This still means Year 7 students will receive eight maths lessons every fortnight which is still above the national average.

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“After the February half-term, Year 7 students will return to their nine maths lessons every fortnight timetable.”

Parents were sent letter warning of what the school said was “minor changes” which involve the swap from one of their nine mathematics lessons to a practical PE lesson over the two week timetable cycle for the first half of the spring term.

The letter said: “This is a short term measure to allow the school to provide additional support for our year 11 students in the build up towards the summer GCSE examination series.

“Your child will also benefit from this approach in preparation for their GCSE examinations in the coming years.

“The PE lessons will focus on the development of leadership and coaching skills that the students will utilise in the delivery if a range of primary school sports festivals over the summer term.”

One parent said: “As a year 11 parent I’m annoyed that year 7s are losing a maths lesson, when this change only helps a small minority. My child is not one of them yet they need extra maths support.”

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