Neale-Wade parent’s fury after 15-year-old son is stabbed in the mouth with what onlookers say was a compass - police called to investigate


A 15 year old student with special needs was left with a gash to his face that needed specialist stitching after he was subjected to what his mum said was an unprovoked attack by a boy at Neale Wade Academy.


She said the boy needed five stitches at Addenbrooke’s Hospital with a plastic surgeon after A&E staff at Hinchinbgrooke said they could not help.

She said: “It was a clean laceration to his mouth so I’ve no idea what was plunged into his face. He is left frightened. My son is at home scared to go back in.”


The teenager, who has ADHD, is in his final weeks at school before sitting his GCSE exams this summer.

The attack happened on Wednesday (22). Onlookers have told the Cambs Times the weapon used was a compass.

She said: “They were walking near the bike sheds when one of four boys said to another - that boy called you a foreigner, which wasn’t the case.

“The boy then hit my son straight in the face with something, causing a very deep laceration to his face.

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“He was punched with something, he lost a lot of blood and went into shock, shaking nearly passing out, but no ambulance was called by the school.

“He was in medical room and school rang me, so I had to rush to collect him and drive to Doddington medical walk in centre, who said he needed stitches which they couldn’t do there.

“We drove to A&E in Huntington and waited two hours to be seen, then we were told we needed plastics at Cambridge because of the deep laceration which was near his lips.

“So we drove there and they stitched him up.

“We arranged to see the police the following morning at 8am. They were very good. They contacted the school for information as it hadn’t been reported to police by school yet, which surprised me due to how serious the assault was.

“I had updated Neale Wade at 3.20pm Wednesday so they knew he needed stitches.

“My son will be removed permanently if this child goes back to the school, the boy is a risk to any child and shouldn’t be in the school near any other children.

“Pupils are meant to be safe ,not put at risk by the school having him there.

“This assault could of been a lot more serious, but my son will be left with a scar and have to live with what happen for the rest of his life.

Neale Wade principal Jason Wing said: “Following an incident at Neale Wade last Wednesday, whereby a pupil suffered a laceration to the face, we can confirm a Year 11 male student was immediately subject to a fixed term exclusion.

“We are working closely with both the local authority and the local police who are investigating the incident, and as such cannot comment further on this matter.

“In treating the injury, two first aid trained professionals attended the pupil with the laceration. They spoke immediately to the parent who was advised to seek further medical attention following the initial assessment. Stringent first aid procedures that are based on OFSTED’s own guidelines were adhered to throughout.”

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