Neale-Wade principal shouldn’t have to apologise for children being fingerprinted without consent

WHY on earth has a school principal had to apologise to hysterical parents because their little teenage darlings have been fingerprinted to have easy and secure access to school facilities? What is so “personal and sensitive” about this?

Of course police cannot do this because in that case it is usually connected to a criminal offence and a responsible adult must be present to protect both the minor and the police.

And now these parents have been “made aware” are they still objecting to the fingerprinting? No. So what is all the fuss about?

I am sure that the school would have been very responsible and informed the children as to exactly why they were being fingerprinted, and didn’t just line them up and frog-march them off to have it done.

Save the histrionics for situations that may arise where it may be justified.

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