Neale-Wade reopens after closure controversy

NEALE-Wade Community College is back to normal this morning following its controversial snow-enforced closure.

Staff said they had “worked hard to ensure the safety of all on the College site” after closing the school for “health and safety, transport and related issues”.

As much of the weekend’s snow washed away, parents described the decision to reopen as a “good thing” - but students were less than happy to return to the classroom.

One user on Neale-Wade’s internet blog wrote under the name of ‘Year 8’: “I don’t think school should be open due to the slippery roads and paths.

“Some people will not even bother turning up. We have to sit in a wet school uniform all day and if you have to do PE, then we will have to do it in the snow/ slush.”

Katie added: “Everything is too dangerous to come in, especially with the mobile classrooms,” but another user called ‘Year 11 student’ said: “I think it’s good the school is open.

“Us Year 11′s need all the last lessons possible before our exams.”

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A student under the name of ‘Sixth Form’ said: “As much as the younger children may be wanting many more days off school, some of us need to be there for revision and lessons that are very important this year.”

However the College hinted it might relax some school uniform requirements for pupils after parents said they “won’t really want them going in their school shoes and getting them completely soaked”.

“My child will be attending school tomorrow if it is still open in the morning and he will be wearing different clothing,” Jill said.

“I will not be happy if I find out he has been told off by a teacher because of his non school uniform as it is very cold!”

Responding to the debate that emerged about the closure on the Neale-Wade website, a school administrator said: “We have tried very hard to be open and clear about the plans through the communication on this blog.”

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