Need for creative projects in Fens, hence my design for Diamond Jubilee arch in March

AS the artist who designed the second “piece of twisted metal” shown in the August 8 edition I would like to reply to the comments.

When the “usual suspects” asked me about the scheme to create a Diamond Jubilee arch in March, I expressed doubts.

Having a MA in sculpture I know public art can be unpopular. I have worked on projects in deprived areas like East London. The usual problem is allocation of funding, in other words it is a waste of people’s money.

One solution is to involve the community. I found working with schools to produce the art work good. The public could then see the point of it and the children gained practical knowledge.

My scheme for March involves putting the arch on piers. These would be decorated with glazed tiles. These would be made and decorated by schools with Fenland scenes. The columns would be difficult to climb and hopefully resist vandalism.

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Whilst the comments about the site being cluttered, the need for trees and a revamped toilet are worthy, the need for creative projects in the Fens has merit too.

The other problems might also be solved by taking a more positive view. I found this helped me when (like Delta Gold) I helped repair Britannia on top of the town hall.

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Adrian Veater MA


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