New spiritualist pioneer centre set to open in Manea next month - all welcome at the inaugural service

L-R - Pat Canfield, Secretary, Gary Callow, Treasury and Annie Callow, C...

L-R - Pat Canfield, Secretary, Gary Callow, Treasury and Annie Callow, C... - Credit: Archant

Manea is set to become home to a new spiritualists centre next month.

A new Spiritualists’ National Union (SNU) Pioneer Centre is being launched in the village in response to a rapid growth in Spiritualism which is now the UK’s eighth largest religion.

Manea Pioneer Centre’s inaugural service will be held at the Manea Village Hall on October 4, with doors opening for Spiritual healing from 10am, followed by a Divine Service at 11.15am which will be led by president of the SNU, Minister David Bruton.

Founded by Spiritualist medium and healer, Annie Seymour-Callow (chairman), Gary Callow (treasurer), Pat Canfield (secretary) and long-standing SNU Minister, Simone Keys, the centre will specialise in spiritual healing and be open to all interested in exploring their spiritual side and learning more about Spiritualism.

Each weekly Divine Service will include prayers, hymns and songs, alongside a demonstration of mediumship by some of the UK’s leading mediums such as Minister Colin Bates.

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Annie Seymour-Callow said: “We are delighted to have the SNU’s support in opening a Pioneer Centre in the area. We started offering Spiritual healing in and around the village and found there were lots of people interested in trying it out and wanting to find out more about Spiritualism as a whole. Though there’s currently SNU churches in Ely and King’s Lynn, there was nothing really local for the community. Our centre’s sponsor is famous healer Harry Edwards and we will have a strong focus on healing, mediumship and raising money for local charities.

“We are inviting guest mediums to take the Sunday Divine services as we want to ensure the services are kept fresh and different each time. We would welcome those interested in Spiritualism, those who may feel they have lost their way with religion or are suffering physically or emotionally and feel healing could help them, to come along and join us for our first meeting on October 4.”

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Harry Edwards was one of the 20th century’s leading Spiritualist healers and, in his day, he was known to fill the Albert Hall with his healing services.

The SNU’s first Pioneer Centre was launched in Newark with the aim of creating centres around the UK dedicated to spiritual development.

Manea Pioneer Centre will hold services every Sunday, plus an open circle every Thursday evening at Manea Village Hall. For more information follow ‘Manea Pioneer Centre’ on Facebook where all updates on services and speakers will be posted.

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