Vaccine centre's record day as NHS staff rally after IT issues causes delay

Queue at Doddington Hospital today for Covid-19 vaccinations

Queue at Doddington Hospital today for Covid-19 vaccinations. The practice running the vaccine programme said there had been technical issues. However they still managed their best day yet- 1500 vaccines delivered. - Credit: Cambs Times reader

NHS staff at Doddington Hospital were labelled heroes tonight after technical problems hampered the Covid-19 vaccination rollout.

Despite everything thrown at them, they still managed their best day so far.  

“You are all heroes- thank you so much,” wrote a grateful recipient of one of 1500 vaccines delivered. 

The vaccination centre, run by Fenland Group Practice, posted to their Facebook page: “Another day done, not quite the way we would have liked, but we did break our record for vaccines given, around 1500, I think.  

“So sorry for the delays at the start which were in part beyond our control as the computer systems were being temperamental.” 

The spokesperson added: “We did underestimate the time checking in would take, but managed to get two check-in stations running at midday.  

“Also, we opened three extra vaccination stations, and cleared the backlog eventually.  

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“Thank you to all who showed patience and forbearance, and all the kind comments.” 

And the practice reserved a special and “huge thank you for the staff who stayed on after their shifts, came in for extra shifts and quietly got on as fast as they possibly could.  

“We know it is not pleasant waiting in the cold, but it does not do harm. We are organising ourselves differently so that the congestion will be avoided on our next to AZ days, Tuesday and Friday next week.” 

Earlier the practice posted their apologies after admitting “I understand we have had problems with a large queue today, I am really sorry about this.  

“I suspect we have been over ambitious in the number of patients we have booked in.  

“We are using Pfizer tomorrow and Monday, which will be better, we will make sure we are properly prepared on Tuesday for the next AZ clinic, and avoid queuing then.” 

NHS staff rallied when IT issues caused delay at Doddington vaccination centre

NHS staff rallied when IT issues caused delay at Doddington vaccination centre. By the end of the day a record number of vaccinations had been given. - Credit: Cambs Times reader

Vaccinations at Doddington cater for patients from GP practices including George Clare Surgery, Priors Field Surgery, Fenland Group Practice, Cornerstone Practice, Ramsey Health Centre, Mercheford House Practice, and Riverside Practice