Cambridgeshire ‘nightmare neighbours’ wanted for new TV show

Do you have nightmare neighbours? 

Do you have nightmare neighbours? - Credit: Liza Summer/File/Pexels 

Is your next-door neighbour a nightmare? Channel 5 are looking to speak to Cambridgeshire residents for a new TV programme.  

Nightmare Neighbour Next Door are looking for stories in Cambridgeshire and Fenland to feature in a new series of their hit-TV show.  

Do you have nightmare neighbours?

Do you have nightmare neighbours? - Credit: AvalonUK

“The series features a wide variety of neighbourhood issues and disputes and we are looking for people to take part,” said the casting team at Avalon.  

“We are keen to hear from people in Cambridgeshire who are currently having problems, but also those who may have had issues or disputes in the past.”  

To get in touch, email: or telephone: 0207 598 7392