NIMBY? Guilty as charged M’lud – but us Wimblington residents don’t want digester in anyone’s back yard

In response to Richard Moore’s letter last week – guilty as charged M’lud!

Wimblington residents stand accused of NIMBYism and, on this occasion, I would agree but Mr Moore misses the point Wimblington is not just saying not in my back yard, Wimblington is saying not in anyone’s back yard.

Most certainly not in a back yard that already has paper, plastic and fertiliser factories in it.

I think even Mr Moore can see the lethal consequences of adding methane and a naked flame to that mix.

I would, of course, agree with Mr Moore that anaerobic digesters do provide green energy but they should not be built so close to homes.

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Their place is in clear open space and, surely, we don’t need another digester, munching on crops especially grown for its consumption, when we already have two close by.

Mr Moore might ask why in Germany most similar digesters proved to be unsustainable and why Germany ended up having to increase its import of food crops.

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It might be that Mr Moore should also look for NIMBYism much closer to home.

It might just be that the Paul Randle, who lives in Rugby, that lodged an objection with his local council against a junior football club being given a licence to serve a few beers on a Saturday night, because it might create a bit of noise near to his home, is the same Paul Randle who thinks it is perfectly acceptable to site a digester just 16m from someone else’s!

It might also be that Mr Moore has an axe to grind as he is not happy, that last year, he lost his appeal against Fenland District Council to erect a 41m high wind turbine on his premises in March.

Finally, Mr Moore has the gall to say “I daresay Fengrain would have got a better response if they had put a planning application in for a concentration camp”.

What planet does this man live on? How dare he accuse Wimblington residents and Fenland councillors of condoning such atrocities.

Mr Moore is not ingratiating himself with anyone by making such utterly stupid, thoughtless and disgusting statements.


Chairman, Wimblington Parish Council

Via e-mail

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