Nine arrests for ‘trespass and scavenging’ at Whittlesey former scrap yard site

NINE arrests “for trespassing and scavenging” have been made in the past three months at on a five acre former illegal scrap yard at Whittlesey.

Three quotes to clear the site have been sent to councillors to consider- the cheapest of �8,950 from David Humphrey of Gorefield with Supercrete Groundworks Ltd of Emneth the second cheapest at �24,000.

If that’s not enough to spur the owner into action the council expects the third might- a whopping �87,000 exclusive of VAT quote from P J Thory Ltd of Coates.

Layna Warren, street scene team leader for Fenland Council, wants court action against the owner after he refused to clear the site.

The land at Crease Bank, Briggate West, was visited by council officials recently and “showed no sign of improvement or change” said Ms Warren.

“The land owner has been traced and contacted to establish their intentions. The outcome is that he has decided to take no action on its current upkeep nor plans to in the future.”

But Fenland Council’s planning committee believes otherwise and next Wednesday will be recommended to approve enforcement action.

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Fifteen complaints have been lodged recently with the council about the site and Ms Warren says it was a “negative factor” when the county council looked at the revised route for Whittlesey Walks. They avoided this area because of the mess.

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