No ifs or butts as council blame “worn out” ashtray for cigarette mess

Smokers leave a mess at Fenland Hall

Smokers leave a mess at Fenland Hall - Credit: Archant

“Disgraceful” that’s the verdict of residents living next to Fenland Hall in March who are disgusted with a pile cigarette butts left strewn around an ashtray.

Hundreds of discarded dog-ends appear to have been chucked on the floor around the smoker’s bin attached to a wall outside the council office’s rear entrance and people living nearby are demanding action on the mess.

One woman, who has lived in Queen Street for more than two years, complained: “Not only is parking a constant problem bu the smokers at Fenland Council are creating what can only be called a mess with nub ends. I’m pretty sure on the spot fines would stop this. They seem to impose this around the town, however not on their own doorstep.”

The bin is not over-flowing in images captured by the irate resident, instead in appears the culprits are stubbing out their cigarettes and then discarding the butts either on top of the ashtray or simply throwing them to the ground.

A spokesman for Fenland Council said: “No excuses – this ashtray is worn-out and we are in the process of replacing it with a proper bin with a stubber plate. We have been out to clear up the mess.”

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