“No point” opposing March wind turbines plan, Fenland protestors say

EXASPERATED anti-wind turbine protestors say there is no point opposing plans for two massive generators in March.

Save Our Skylines campaigners say it would be a “complete waste of our time and energy” to contest the latest March Landfill Site application because Fenland is “easy pickings” for big development.

One protestor, John Stoneman, says he will make no formal objections because he feels powerless to stop Fenland District Council’s “support and embracement of heavy industry that bordering councils would never support”.

In a letter to the council, he said: “Past experience has shown the council’s inability to control wind developments in Fenland.”

Mr Stoneman also warned that a lack of formal objections would not mean people are fully supportive of the scheme.

The two turbines would be 85 metres high and result in “significant environmental, economic and social benefits”, the Waste Recycling Group say.

The applicants also said: “The proposed development will make an important contribution to local and regional renewable energy targets.”

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The group admits there will be a “visual impact” on householders but adds that is “not sufficient to warrant refusal of planning permission”.

Letters were sent to nearby residents on Friday to ask them to comment on the plans.

People have until July 13 to make their views heard. Planners will then look at people’s representations and make a recommendation to councillors before they vote on a decision.

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