No surprise that Fenland District Council wants to draw line under parking debate

WITH all the furore about pay parking it’s not surprising that Fenland Hall wants to draw a line under any debate on the subject of parking, especially when it concerns money.

It is perfectly reasonable to expect that by May next year when the local elections take place cuts will have probably started to bite.

I believe and anticipate that there will be quite a lot of candidates standing for election in most of the constituencies. As well as the Tories and Lib Dems, there will be New (New) Labour, Independents and others.

I predict there will be some changes at Fenland Hall, not necessarily for the best as far as I am concerned, but it won’t be all Tory next year.

I am considering standing myself and if I do I will be doing my best to get people out to vote.

Even if I don’t stand I will be campaigning.


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