Nobody owes anyone a living - and shouldn’t use local businesses that charge over the odds

WITH reference to the letter by Trevor Bevis back in May about a local shop closing because of online business.

I agree in principle that people should indeed support local businesses. However, nobody owes anyone a living.

If a business is selling things at a very high price, and it refuses to do discounts if asked and chooses not to compete, it goes out of business.

Why should financially pressed parents be forced to pay over the odds for an essential item (school uniform)? In any economy it is a free market.

People can choose where to spend their money and cannot be forced to buy something from one place, if it can be got cheaper elsewhere.

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If something was only a little more expensive in a local shop, I’d buy local. However, if it means paying a third more (often double the price) locally, I’m afraid I shall buy the item wherever I choose to buy it in order to make my money go further. It’s called a ‘free market economy’.

You must be an extremely wealthy man if you don’t have to check out prices, try to get an item for the best price possible and make your money last.

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