Now that Tesco isn’t opening Chatteris store, please get rid of the ‘carbunkle’ that is the roundabout

Tesco finally pulled the plug on Chatteris after the many months of agonising over whether or not there would be a store for the town.

Apparently it matters not how many potential customers were looking forward to shopping at the store, not to mention those many people who were anxiously awaiting starting a new job which has now gone forever.

As a March resident these things do not affect me directly, but nevertheless I still feel sympathy for the good people of Chatteris.

Let’s hope that all the work put in to make the land fit for purpose and the building of the large store will be put to good use.

In the meantime, can we now have the road back please? By that I mean get rid of the “carbunkle” of a roundabout from what is a joke of a bypass road.

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Also, why on earth wasn’t this bypass built as a dual carriageway? A few heavy lorries or tractor vehicles, which have legitimate need to use the road, cause a great deal of crawling “convoys”.

I am no speed merchant, I am quite happy to cruise at 50mph on a 60mph road. But being forced to crawl at 20mph or sometimes less on what is supposed to be a major bypass is ludicrous in the 21st century.

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