Number of complaint cases against police drops but still work to, IPCC says

THE number of complaint cases against Cambridgeshire Police has dropped - but the force has been told it could think about what further steps it could take to improve satisfaction with the way complaints are handled.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) said the proportion of appeals upheld against the constabulary was lower than the national result.

In 2011-12, Cambridgeshire Police finalised 393 complaint cases in an average of 79 working days, compared to an England and Wales average of 93 working days.

However 305 allegations were recorded per 1,000 officers, compared to the England and Wales average of 213, and 80 appeals to the IPCC from members of the public about the force’s handling of their complaints were upheld.

The IPCC completed 61 appeals against the force in 2011-12, upholding 26 per cent of cases - lower than the national average of 38 per cent.

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IPCC Commissioner Sarah Green said: “The proportion of appeals upheld against Cambridgeshire Police is lower than the national result, but the force may wish to consider what further steps it can take to improve satisfaction with the way in which complaints are handled.”

Detective Superintendent Nathan Briant, Cambridgeshire Police’s head of professional standards, said: “It is pleasing there have been significant drops in the number of complaint cases and allegations recorded in Cambridgeshire and that the time taken to record complaint cases has shortened.

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“We continue to look at ways in which the service we offer the public can be improved and the force has invested a great deal in this work.

“The complaints process is an important part of this work and we welcome and encourage both good and bad feedback.”

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